Lets Go Out Rollator

The Let’s Go Out four wheeled rollator is a perfect marriage of beautiful, elegant design and reliable practicality.

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The cross folding design makes it easy to collapse and compact as well as standing independently out of the way when not in use.

Large wheels front and back manage kerbs and other obstacles with ease, and the spring system makes for a cushioned, pleasant user experience when out and about.

The soft, comfortable rubber handles of the Let’s Go Out are ergonomically shaped to allow the hands to rest easily and well supported. Adjustable handles can be positioned between 78-96cm, taking into account a range of user heights, enabling comfortable set-up for most people.

Easy-to-use brakes at both handles can be locked, enabling the user to sit for a while on the comfortably designed leatherette seat. A back strap is available separately to add even more comfort and support when resting.

Carry your belongings safely and securely in the matching bag that clips neatly to the front of the rollator below the seat. Thanks to the two handles, the bag can also be used independently of the rollator.

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