Sandpiper Shoes

SandPiper Shoes

Specialist footwear for wide and problem feet. Carefully designed for comfort and durability whilst keeping the appearance looking smart.


  • Super soft leather uppers
  • Soft leather linings
  • Snug heel fit. Close fit heel to keep the shoe firmly on the foot, even on ultra-wide fitting styles.
  • Long straps for maximum adjustment
  • Padded ankle support
  • Extra wide openings
  • Removable, washable insoles
  • 3 in 1 fitting system – Some styles have 2 removable insoles. Use both insoles for maximum cushioning. Remove the mid insole for extra room. Remove both insoles to use your own orthotics or for even more room.
  • Deep toe box, soft toe puff. No hard seems or ridges.



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