Mini 4 Mobility Scooter Range

In 15 seconds the MINI-4 and the MINI-4 PLUS can be disassembled into easy-to-manage, lightweight components. Simply pop the parts into your boot and away you go.


The Mini 4 Mobility Scooter range. Rock solid reliability and agile manoeuvrability.

The Mini 4 and the Mini 4 Plus both feature a unique quick release assembly. Designed to make life easier, these amazing shopping companions take less time to separate and reassemble than most folding scooters take to collapse and lift. In fact, many people prefer this type of compact scooter over the folding variety as it involves NO HEAVY LIFTING.

Two of the toughest 4mph mobility scooters around, both the MINI 4 and the MINI 4 PLUS feature a distinctive strong cross-brace frame. This offers amazing stability and strength whilst maintaining a slimline profile.

All in all, the Mini 4 Mobility Scooter range is perfect for public walkways, supermarket aisles and shops.

What’s the difference between the MINI 4 and the MINI 4 PLUS?

Both scooters have a top speed of 4MPH. In fact, the MINI-4 and the MINI-4 PLUS are exactly the same in almost every respect. However, where they differ is in the range (distance) each can cover.

  1. The MINI-4 has a range of 12.4 miles which is ample for any BIG-DAY-OUT shopping trip and greater than most 4MPH scooters.
  2. The MINI-4 PLUS has a second battery which means you get a whopping 18.6 miles range. Longer periods between charging and even BIGGER days out!

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