Features and Benefits

The SupaScoota is designed for maximum portability and superior ride quality. The results are outstanding; a tough, revolutionary scooter that is leading the way within the portable scooter market.

With six models to choose from, which one will suit your lifestyle?

SupaScootas features:

  • High quality lightweight steel frame
  • Comfortable seat
  • Electronic stability control
  • Ultra light lithium battery option
  • Off board battery charging
  • Dual battery pack option for extended range
  • 2 speed forward and reverse controls
  • Acute turning radius
  • Folds and locks for transport in seconds
  • Automatic safety braking system
  • Coil spring suspension – provides a level of comfort unheard of on a portable scooter
  • Twin motors – for superior performance and handling
  • Stores in upright position


With quick release mechanisms, the SupaScoota can fold down within 10 seconds allowing it to fit comfortably into most vehicles and compact enough for home storage.


Ranging from 20.7kg (45.6lbs) to 34.4kg (75.8lbs) fully assembled, the SupaScoota is one of the lightest portable scooters on the market.


The SupaScoota range (excp. single motor Sprite and Shopper) comes equipped with a suspension seat. This will ensure a comfortable journey, especilly when driving on uneven surfaces. It also helps with stability, giving you a much more pleasant ride.


The battery is portable, and can be removed to make charging easier. Without the battery, the weight of the scooter is significantly reduced and can be stored away with ease.


The SupaScoota can reach a speed of 4mph, travel up to 14 miles and has the capacity to ascend an incline of up to 9 degrees.